Sunday, July 21, 2013

Uncle Fester and the topiary

Dear Uncle Fester,

Well it's Sunday evening and I'm going to update you on the week's activities:

1) we've received confirmation from our insurance company that they will pay for my car to be fixed; now we are just waiting on the body shop to call us for an appointment. I have to admit that I'm looking forward to it being fixed. Ever time I look at it I wince. I really want my bumper to be replaced soon.

2) we went to the Montreal Botanical Gardens today and checked out the topiary exhibit. Really cool. It is amazing to me that someone could plan these things to grow out so nicely. Anyway, some of the pieces were absolutely fantastic. It would be worth it to go back in September before the exhibit closes to see what it looks like.  Even better, Emma came with us and she was not snotty:)  Actually she was really very good considering she probably didn't want to go. Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day with no humidity and it would have been a shame to have wasted it inside.  I'm glad we went.

3) Back to running: I've been back to running for the last couple of weeks and watching what I'm eating and I'm starting to feel the results. I feel like my belly is getting smaller and that I'm getting stronger. I'm still doing intervals (6 run / 2 walks) and my last shot I actually ran 11 minutes... realized when i came home that I am almost doing 5K in 45 minutes which is a quite acceptable time.  YAY ME!!

4) OMG I am sooooo tired of taking the train.  About 4 times this week the train was late and/or delayed - totally fed up.  I really need to find a job that is closer to home.

5) Brushing Ronnie's teeth is becoming easier - electric toothbrush (avengers themed); my little pony toothpaste and a bunch of craft sticks stuck together with duct tape to keep her mouth open... sounds weird but it actually works and, once we have her bundled up like a burrito, it works well.

At this point in time Uncle Fester I can't think of anything else... talk to you soon.

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