Sunday, July 21, 2013

Uncle Fester and the topiary

Dear Uncle Fester,

Well it's Sunday evening and I'm going to update you on the week's activities:

1) we've received confirmation from our insurance company that they will pay for my car to be fixed; now we are just waiting on the body shop to call us for an appointment. I have to admit that I'm looking forward to it being fixed. Ever time I look at it I wince. I really want my bumper to be replaced soon.

2) we went to the Montreal Botanical Gardens today and checked out the topiary exhibit. Really cool. It is amazing to me that someone could plan these things to grow out so nicely. Anyway, some of the pieces were absolutely fantastic. It would be worth it to go back in September before the exhibit closes to see what it looks like.  Even better, Emma came with us and she was not snotty:)  Actually she was really very good considering she probably didn't want to go. Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day with no humidity and it would have been a shame to have wasted it inside.  I'm glad we went.

3) Back to running: I've been back to running for the last couple of weeks and watching what I'm eating and I'm starting to feel the results. I feel like my belly is getting smaller and that I'm getting stronger. I'm still doing intervals (6 run / 2 walks) and my last shot I actually ran 11 minutes... realized when i came home that I am almost doing 5K in 45 minutes which is a quite acceptable time.  YAY ME!!

4) OMG I am sooooo tired of taking the train.  About 4 times this week the train was late and/or delayed - totally fed up.  I really need to find a job that is closer to home.

5) Brushing Ronnie's teeth is becoming easier - electric toothbrush (avengers themed); my little pony toothpaste and a bunch of craft sticks stuck together with duct tape to keep her mouth open... sounds weird but it actually works and, once we have her bundled up like a burrito, it works well.

At this point in time Uncle Fester I can't think of anything else... talk to you soon.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Uncle Fester and a hot weekend

Dear Uncle Fester,

Well it's Sunday evening and it heralds the end of a beautiful weekend. The last couple of weeks have been cold, rainy and downright icky. This weekend seemed to bring everything that is Montreal in the summer together and explode it. It was a beautiful hot weekend with lots of sun and not too much humidity. Now for the weekend update.

We brought the car to the body shop and are now waiting to hear back from the insurance company to see what they will cover.  We went out to Restaurant l'Academie last night for Kathy's birthday (her 50th no less). It was nice. Brian and Emma had a choice of padtas without meat to choose from (ironically they ordered the same one), Ronnie had fettucine alfredo and I had muscles with fries. It was very tasty but rich. They also had the most amaxing carrot cake; the icing was fabulous. Oh and I got to embarass Kathy:) which was fun.

On Sunday we filled up Ronnie's pool and she had a blast splashing around in it. One of the hallmarks of her syndrome is a love of water and man did she prove it. She had a total blast.

Did I tell you I died my hair? Actually I ended up putting in highlights but there are alot more if them than I anticipated. I like it just surprised me. I guess I can now act like a dumb blonde...

That's it for now.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Uncle Fester and my broken car

Dear Uncle Fester,

It's just around 5pm on Friday afternoon and I've had a busy day. Well, it was supposed to be a quiet day with me getting my hair done and then just buying groceries but it started off a little differently than anticipated.

Why? Well first off Brian woke me up but saying "don't panic but" which is never a good thing. Apparently a city crew was on our street shredding branches and, as the driver tried to get around the crescent to leave, he backed into my car. It's not a huge dent but it is a dent and scratch. So the city crew had to call the police and get a police report so we can claim the repair. The good news is that this should also fix the passenger side bumper that I dented a couple of months ago. Brian didn't want to claim that accident as I wasn't insured on the car. In order to repair this new dent they will have to change the bumper. YAY

Then I went and had my hair done. I go it highlights which I really like. It's fun to get something new done like this.

Then Emma and I went out to pick up a few things at the organic food store. Ended up having a conversation with the woman about food supplements for Emma and I think we picked up something that should be good food her digestion, which she says is acting weird. I'll say; she went for a B.M. and it was very twiggy.

That's it for now. Just waiting for the BBQ to heat up. I'm having steak. Yay!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Uncle Fester and the boring days

Dear Uncle Fester,

It's Wednesday evening and I have to admit that I'm getting tired. Got up at 5am this morning to go for a run. Felt a little self-righteous about it this morning but now it's finally catching up to me. I'm going to try to make it through Iron Chef but there is no guarantee.

So you remember that Brian works at the Vets Hospital, right? Well they seem to be in the middle of a transfer to the provincial government and he seems to be in a good place to maintain his position. That is very good news indeed. Although he has been the acting captain for the last couple of months and that seems to be working well as well.

As for me as much as I like my job there are a lot of changes coming up. One boss is stepping down and the other will be stepping up as interim director. I'm not worried; Laura and I get along fine but it will be different. I'm also feeling a little isolated. I'm not sure why. Humm...something to think about.

Day camp seems to be going well and tomorrow's they have their first outing. Should be interesting to get some feedback on that.

Emma is good. I'm still trying to figure out the whole Gabriel thing. They seem to be good friends but if there is more she ain't admitting it. We don't really have an isue but if she would come right out with it...

Sorry Uncle Fester, I don't have anything interesting today. Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Uncle Fester and the mysterious laptop

Dear Uncle Fester,

It's Sunday evening and I'm staying up late because I can. Stupid right? I don't have to work tomorrow so despite how tired I feeloing to stay up late. I'm actually sort of watching a movie. I say sort of watching because I've now  watched the first hour but it seems to contain a lot of scenes of Halle Berry screaming and escaping from an asylum. Not very good and frankly there are only so many movies that can be saved by Robert Downey Jr.

Anyway Uncle Fester I thought I'd give you a run-down of our weekend. Nothing spectacular ; just the regular stuff. Brian and I did the groceries on Friday which allowed Emma and I to do some shopping on Saturday. On Sunday we went out to Hawkesbury for supper. First time taking the new car out for a drive that was longer than 15 minutes. I think everyone enjoyed the ride even Ronnie, especially  when she discovered she could reach me through the headrest. Every now and again I'd feel these little fingers tickling the back of my neck. It was very cute.

Anyway this is where the mysterious laptop fits in. Before he retired, it seems that Robert had bought himself a laptop thinking he would be working from home. Anyway it seems that he never really used it. In fact he admits he never really turned it on. Looks like he had some difficulty in setting it up so rather than have someone with know-how take a look he just put it aside. He made his granddaughter very happy by giving it to her. Emma was extremely happy. Now we just have to set it up which should be fairly straight forward.

Oh, lastly Ronnie is fully recovered from her dental procedures and Emma's babysitting was very successful. Looks like Marcy will be giving her call again during the summer. We are very proud of her.

That's it. Have a good one.